Happy Michelle series-Diamond Princess cover

“Diamond Princess” describes how to be the most beautiful you in your life.


Chapter1: The Secret of the Earthlings The fact- What you need to know to have true authentic confidence.

Chapter2: Remove nails from your mind You have a lot of power than you think. Unleash your potential! So, say goodbye to feelings and thoughts which tarnish your true beauty without you knowing it!

Chapter3: Take heed of the fake you “The fake you” is a great enemy to your beauty!! You must shield yourself from the Fake You who blocks?brightness of your diamond. you can naturally be the truly beloved Diamond Princess.

Chapter4: The Diamond Castle in your mind The time has come to go a journey to your inner world, the “Diamond Castle”! How to be your soul give out the most beautiful light.

Chapter5: I’m happy to be alive! Feel a miracle! Lift up thine eyes to a higher dimension.

About book

Diamond Princess is a new book, fusion between Japanese “Manga” style and spiritual self-development in an understandable way.

You will casually enjoy leading this book and discover many awakening to the truth.

About Happy Michelle

The character of this story, Happy Michelle, was created as your best friend, like a guardian angel by Japanese artist / author Miche Kiyota.

When you have the feelings of loneliness, powerlessness, or are at a loss for what to do, call Michelle within your mind.
She will be by your side and send “The Happy Energy” from The Planet Happy. May infinite happiness shower upon you!


Michelle, lives a distant star from the earth, can read human’s mind and see their talents, specific properties and their natural inclinations.
Knowing they go through life without using their potential and powers, she has decided to help them manifest and brighten their souls.

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